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December 30, 2017
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Mick Byrd and The Backroad Band are bringing fans in the Midwest some of the best foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’, original Roots and Mick's signature "Ozark Blues" to come out of the Heartland! Mick’s warm, gutsy vocals and Joe Dunlap’s Santana-esque guitar riffs are laid on top of sweet rhythm acoustic guitar and topped off with the groove of tasteful percussion by Ray Spiller. Long-time friend, Brad Edwards treats us occassionally with his exceptional multi-instrument expertise in the studio and on the road. The talents of the band combine to provide listeners with tunes you can really get your ears around. 

On December 30th, 2017, "Moline" was released.  It is a Bluesy Roots Country EP with a twinge of the Ozarks in the warm vocals and the poetic imagery.  “Moline,” is a step in a new direction from CD's filled with a variety of genres to an EP with a select group of new songs in the Country and Country Blues genre.  

Mick’s latest full CD, “Roots & Ozark Blues” is a fan favorite! Following tradition, the varying genres blend beautifully together and create a CD that you can listen to repeatedly without tiring of it. A variety of guest musicians contributed greatly to the new CD. They include: Gary Durk, bass: Shannon Hushaw, vocals; Steve Carroway, Blues harmonica; Paula Parker, fiddle and Pete Szkolka on piano, organ and guitar.

Of "Roots & Ozark Blues," John Lofton, Host of MO Music Radio Show on KOPN, 89.5 FM in Columbia, MO writes, “A-Team Nashville Quality CD! A must hear CD! You don’t always have to seek out Major Label productions for quality work… ‘Roots and Ozark Blues,’ is just that; Quality!”

Of Mick Byrd's writing, Karen E. Reynolds, Host/Program Director, Writer's Block, WFIV 105.3 FM - Knoxville, TN says, "This artist delves into the very guts of what constitutes a well-written song and delivers, every time. He's what true fans of independent, original music, covet and collect." 

Mick has released 9 CDs and a special 2 song CD with "The Chance and Gentle Souls" benefiting Special Olympics Missouri. Mick has won a national songwriting award from Billboard Magazine for “Afternoon At The Wall.” He has performed on “River City Folk,” a NPR program hosted by Tom May. “Drivin' That Lawnmower to Town” & “This Old Truck,” have been played on the NPR Program, “Car Talk” hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi. Mick has also performed on “Writers Block” hosted by Karen Reynolds on WFIV 105.3 FM in Knoxville, TN, a program devoted to independent artists. Tom Lambert, host of the "Independent Music Show," an International Syndicated Radio Program based in N. Ireland is just one of the many International Radio Programs to play Mick's music. Mick has the experience of playing across the US and the country of Ireland. Mick is a Missouri Arts Council Approved Touring Performer, a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International and the Tennessee Songwriters Association International. Mick lists the Bluebird Cafe, where he performs several times a year on “Songwriters Night,” as one of his very favorite venues where he still gets a bit nervous.



The Backroad Band

Mick Byrd

Approved Touring Performer

As a native of the Missouri hills, Mick brings new truth—and a new sound—to Ozark music.

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